We have been designing, building and managing websites and marketing programs for companies like Kia, Volvo, Audi, Acura, Ford, General Motors, Saturn, Subaru, Michelin, Arvin Meritor, Samsung, Merrll Lynch and many more major corporations.

Our coverage for you includes internal resources as well as working beside or managing agency or other external resources. Kia has been using our interactive incentives program in an evolving state for over five years, Ford has used our document management distribution system every year since 2006, Volvo used our interactive website training for nearly five years.

The success stories number in the thousands over the past decade, and we look forward to making your website needs our next success for you.



Put your mind at ease when working with KittyHawk Studios

Ready availability, Budgets are optimized to absolute minimal hours needed, Weekend work is no problem. You get powerful graphic design in 24 hours for minimal cost.

• You Get Projects Completed Any Day
• You Get Minimal Budgets that are FIxed and Held To
• You Get Experts With Over 20 Years Experience

KittyHawk Studios

Other Studios

Nights and Weekends are standard

9 am to 5 pm Hours

20 years minimum experience for all people working on your project.

A mix of interns, rookies with 1-2 years experience, and overview by veterans, maybe. If you’re lucky.

Apple/Adobe/Google Certified – Right here in Michigan.

A grab bag of corporate employees scattered across multiple offices. Qualifications vary.

Project comes in on Friday – It’s COMPLETED by Monday.

Project comes in on Friday, “Kick-Off” meeting is scheduled for Monday.


Cost Effective!

"KittyHawk Studios consistently exceeds expectations for innovative thinking, creative design, and flawless execution..."

"KittyHawk Studios operates like a boutique studio with full-service agency resources. I like being treated as if I'm their only customer, and that is exactly the level of service they deliver time and time again.


Tim Boileau

New Business Development

Carlson Marketing

Kia and Chrysler Groups



Great Programming and Design!

"I can't recommend them more highly. Two thumbs up!"

"We have worked with Kittyhawk on many large Fortune 500 projects with critical deadlines. Their creative is superb, great attention to detail and very sensitive to schedules."


Jack Cardinal, Owner

IntoMotion - iPhone/iPad Apps



Creative, Personable,
Great Results!

"We have worked with Kittyhawk Studios on a number of projects...

some impressively large, others surprisingly small. In all instances, they have delivered excellent work, on time and on budget. If you're looking for a team that doesn't need coaxing or coaching, they are a great choice."

Tom Szczepanski

Managing Director

Beach Communications


Professional Solutions Everytime!

"If anybody wants to know if you guys do good work, tell them to call me."

"With little time and little direction you jump right in to the task, stay very flexible throughout and delivered concepts that are right in tune with the direction we want to go."

Roger Burgess

Creative Director

Carlson Marketing

General Motors Group


Innovative, Dedicated, Soaring

"Intelligent creative is what the team at KittyHawk deliver ."

"Kitty Hawk Studios - what more can I add? KittyHawk Studios are enthusiastic partners who bring matchless performance to every project they undertake."

Lincoln Hill

Associate Creative Director

PCG Campbell

Ford Racing Group



Brains, Talent, Craftsmanship, Professionalism

"The work KittyHawk produces is complete, tight and vibrant. "

"KittyHawk Studios bring marketing thinking to every project. They are expert at design in many different dimensions and they are most current on the latest technology to increase audience engagement.

They are good to their word in delivery, timing and cost. That's the kind of partner I want and KittyHawk Studios is that kind of partner."

Martin Molitz

Strategic Planner

Carlson Marketing

Subaru and Saturn Groups




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Print/Logo Design

Event Technology/Exhibits