Do you have a few dozen (or hundred!) documents like Product Specifications, Press Releases, and Newsletters in electronic format (PDFs or Word for example) that you need to distribute in an organized indexed format to your sales teams, or as giveaways to your customers?

We specialize in these incredible disks that EVERY company should create.


Kiosks are A LOT MORE than what they used to be! Do not miss out on the fastest growing category of interactive media - your competitors aren't.

Digital signage, Point of Purchase ordering systems, Retail Store Contest/Coupon systems, Corporate Sales Incentive Games, these are only some of the many concepts using very creative software and hardware solutions out in the field today.

Take advantage of the power and portability of todays incredibly creative display hardware and engaging, fun software. We will build you a solution from scratch, or using pre-existing components that make sense and provide value.

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